Travel – Holidays with Grandchildren


 grandparents-on-vacation-with-grandkidsGoing on holiday with the grandchildren? It’s time to make a plan. Even the liveliest grandparent in the world isn’t enough, on his or her own, to keep inquiring minds from trouble over a week’s vacation. Follow this grandparent’s guide on holiday planning and you’ll make sure you wear your grandchildren out daily – without wearing yourself out into the bargain!

Keeping these tips in mind will not only maximise the fun for the grandchildren, but also protect the grandparents mental wellbeing not to mention physical while on holiday!

Planning, Planning and More Planning

Grandchildren aren’t like adults. You can’t just take things easy and expect a plan of action to fall out of the sky. Have a plan ready for good weather activities, and one for poor. Days out, trips to local restaurants, cooking lessons with Granny – it doesn’t matter what you’ve planned, as long as you’ve planned something.

Obviously, you know your own grandchildren; and so the more your plan fits what you know about what they like, the more fun everyone will have. Don’t fill the week with activities only the grandchildren will enjoy, though. Make sure you’ve planned things that you will be happy to attend as well: so if your grandchildren like animals and you’re not averse to wandering around a wildlife park, then zoo it is.

The UK is full of excellent wildlife parks: from Marwell Zoo to Whipsnade, there’s bound to be something close to where you are holidaying. Don’t forget to check local press too.

Don’t Rely on the Weather 

We have already touched on this, briefly, but it is worth reiterating in full. The British weather can be relied on to do one thing, which is whatever you don’t want it to do at the time. When you need rain you get a drought – and when summer comes it rains for three months straight. No self-respecting British grandparent can afford to embark on a holiday with the grandchildren without packing a full range of wet weather gear, and (as noted in the previous section) coming armed with a complete selection of things to do if you all end up stuck in a caravan for a week. Be practical and flexible with your wet weather plans though: cooking with grandchildren  may be a great rainy day pastime at home, but frustratingly cramped on a caravan holiday!

Board games are good for this – and tech-savvy grandchildren will also have access to gaming apps on their phones and tablets. Be aware, though, that downloading new apps is heavy on data: so get the permission of whoever pays the bills before you start suggesting a mobile-phone-based Pictionary tournament!

Research the Local Restaurants

Eating out is a big deal for grandchildren. It’s fun to go somewhere colourful and eat special holiday food. What isn’t fun is sitting in the car with a back seat full of hungry grandsons and granddaughters, trying desperately to find a place that a) has food for grandkids as well as grandparents b) has an atmosphere everyone likes and c) caters for families.

It’s easy to look up eating places on the internet, for any local area. You can try the AA for information on pubs and restaurants all over the country; or take a look at the Good Pub Guide to find out which of the most grandparent-friendly venues in the area are also good for families.