Best Sunny and Inexpensive Locations for Your Retirement Years

 If you’re ready to retire, you’re probably looking forward to some relaxation and some beautiful scenery.

Many people long for sunny climates and clean beaches, at least in the winter months.

Here are some unique, inexpensive and beautiful location choices for your retirement years.

Costa Rica

Life in this lush rainforested part of Central America is inexpensive and comfortable. It’s best to learn Spanish before moving there. The healthcare is excellent and affordable and the crime rate is low. Costa Rica is known for its beautiful national parks system and its lovely beaches. Many ex-pats live on the Guanacaste, the Golden Coast on the Pacific, but more choose the areas near the capital city of San Jose in the Central Valley of the country. 


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located 700 km north of Bangkok on the Ping River, Chiang Mai is a popular dwelling place for ex-pats from America, Japan and Korea. It has been rated one of the top ten most livable cities in Asia. With its mild climate and affordable living it is an agreeable and relaxed location. Prices for housing and food are inexpensive and good healthcare is readily available. The lazy pace and lack of the bustling traffic of a city like Bangkok make it a good choice for the retiree.


Panama City, Florida

Located in the panhandle of northwest Florida, this city sits on the St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Known for its sugar-white beaches it’s a favorite of retirees. A relatively small city, this waterfront area is uncrowded and low-key. Seafood abounds and housing is inexpensive. There are ample activities for the retired community and good hospitals and healthcare available.


The Languedoc-Roussillon area of Southwest France

This beautiful area of France is off the beaten path. The seaside area is on the Mediterranean and boasts cities such as Nimes, Montpelier and Perpignon. The medieval history with its castles and museums is home to a large ex-pat community. Costs are medium-priced. There is a large contingence of Moroccan and Algerian residents. Many love this area of France for its natural beauty and its laid-back lifestyle.



The diverse and beautiful landscape draws many retirees to this beautiful country. From the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea to the flat plains of Slavonia, the parks and reserves will keep explorers busy for many months. Old Mediterranean architecture and the lush fields bursting with everything from pumpkins to figs and olives are also attractive. The climate is warm and sometimes rainy. The diet is heavily influenced by Italian fare and features pastas, vegetables and seafood. The cost of living is relatively inexpensive.


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