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Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, there are long hours in which your grandkids, or kids need something to hold their attention. Here are some tried and true travel toys to keep the grandkids engaged while you travel from one place to another. And because they’re compact and easy to move they’re also great for play in hotels and motel rooms.


From Melissa and Doug

Magnetic Dress-up Sets. These come in a number of styles, all based on a child’s personality. You’ll find Jack and Julia, Joey, Maggie Leigh, Abby and Emma and Princess Elise. Each kit comes in a compartmentalized box to keep pieces from escaping little hands. Children love to dress these dolls and tell stories of all their escapades.


Undersea Fantasy “Stained Glass” Peel and Press Stickers. Children will create beautiful lightcatchers to hang in the hotel window. Also comes in Butterfly, Rainbow Garden and Noah’s Ark patterns.


On the Go Travel Ink Activity Book comes with invisible pen to do mazes, puzzles and keep little hands and minds busy for hours.


From Travel Kiddy

Electronic Battleship. This handheld game is based on the classic boardgame. Only 2 inches by 4, players will enjoy sinking the enemy’s fleet of ships.

Airplane Magnetic Drawing Board. Shaped like an airplane this 7 X 4 inch drawing toy will keep kids busy for hours.

Are We There Yet? This eye spy travel game comes in a handy cloth bag for easy packing. It has 108 cards to keep kids busy spotting items on the travel horizon.


From Growing Tree

Lauri’s Primer Pak is made up of a combination of lacing, puzzle and construction pieces of crepe rubber—perfect for travel. They come in a carry case for easy packing.

Slamwich Game is a simple card game for more than one player. Perfect for use in a hotel room or for side by side children in the back seat of the car. 55 cards come in a lunch tin. Very cute game.

USA Map Magnet Play Set. Why not teach a bit of geography as you drive? This set includes a fold-out map with state magnets including capital cities and familiar landmarks.