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After prolonged periods of staying at home most of us are itching to get back to our usual travel patterns. We long to take a cruise or plan a family vacation to some sunny beach. So, whether you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or a leisurely weeks-long trip to another continent, you’ll be interested in the latest 2023: Trends in family travel.

  • Multi-generational Trips

It’s a grandparents’ dream to gather the whole extended family and spend quality time in a beautiful setting. To pull off a multi-generational vacation you’ll need someone who is a great organizer. That person needs to find a wonderful destination for the whole gang, plus organize the finances, meals, and activities to ensure everyone has a great time. That person should do research on family traditions, stories from the past, and gather current details such as who isn’t able to eat gluten, who needs physical accommodations and the like. Whoever does the organizing must also be able to delegate and oversee the entire event, for example who prepares and cooks the meals, who plans activities, who makes sure there is something fun for everyone from the youngest to the oldest.

It’s wonderful to gather the whole clan, so get busy right away if you plan a 2023 summer family getaway.

  • Skip Gen Vacations

Another trend in travel is the skip-gen vacation. That means grandparents plan and make a trip with their grandchildren while the parents stay home. Many grands want to take the opportunity to educate their grandkids in geography and history, thus they plan a tour of the National Parks in the U.S. or the major cities of Europe. They may include the history of music or art and attend concerts, and museums, or learn a bit about great architecture around the world. 

Of course, the skip-gen trip may be simpler and be a relaxed trip to the beach or a camp-out in the woods. Whatever you plan, you’ll have ample time to spend with your grandkids in a setting away from home—time to talk and share and build your relationship with the grandkids.

  • Kid-friendly Destinations

Lots of grandparents want to plan visits to Disney Parks or similar recreational destinations designed to entertain the children. The young-at-heart grandparents can join in on these trips, knowing they’ll need to put their feet up at the end of the day.

Kid-friendly choices may include water parks, resorts with pools, kid activities and childcare, or theme parks of many kinds. These can be day trips or longer. Do your research to find package deals.

Kid-friendly cruises also offer great family fun with wonderful food, a wide variety of activities and time for everyone to do their own thing.

  • Plugged vs Unplugged Vacations

Since most young people are well-versed in all things digital, many families choose  to intentionally plan a trip that minimizes or completely cuts out such activities. A current trend in travel is to get out into nature and enjoy the quiet, the joy of being in the great out of doors. Well-researched days of hiking, fishing, kayaking or river rafting make for a beautiful way to spend summer days. You can craft your outings yourself or use a guide service to plan your woodsy adventures. 

  • Unconventional Lodgings

If you choose to go with the unplugged vacation, you may also be interested in the trend away from traditional hotel rooms and tent campsites toward more unconventional places to sleep and hang out.

How about a treehouse or a glamping tent complete with beds, comfortable furniture and all in the middle of the forest? Or choose from a yurt, a shepherd’s hut or a tipi as your outdoor home away from home.

A vacation is the time to try something new and these housing options offer a bit of adventure while you travel.

  • Themed Destinations

In the quest to entice travelers,  who also want to buy some cool and lightweight luggage, many hotels and resorts offer uniquely themed rooms and activities to their guests. You may be able to stay in a haunted castle or a jungle setting. The rooms may be designed to mirror Jurassic Park or a Spongebob Squarepants environment. If you have children of the appropriate ages, these themed destinations may be just the thing for a fun family trip.

Family travel is definitely back in full swing, so get busy and organize your next fun family adventure.