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Becoming a grandma or grandpa is one of the most wonderful parts of getting older.

We grandparents can love those grandchildren as much as we want, but don’t necessarily feel the burden of responsibility we felt raising our own children. It’s a little easier being a grandparent, but just as powerful. We love them deeply.

Sometimes it helps to gain perspective on various issues in grandparenting by reading a good book written by other grandparents or professionals in the field. We may need some tips on long-distance grandparenting, how to stay up to date with current information our grandkids already know such as technology and we can always learn more about building healthy relationships with family members.

Here are five popular books for new grandparents  to  help enrich our grandparenting skills:

Grandparenting on Purpose

Fresh Ideas, Activities and Traditions for Connecting with Grandchildren Near and Far by M. Winston Egan and Linda Egan

Grandparents Winston and Linda Egan have collaborated with their children and their spouses plus all twenty-two of their grandchildren to write this book. It is rich in information about focusing on relationships and how to build close, loving ones while creating forever memories.

The book lists ways to connect with grandchildren whether they live far away or right next door. It offers a fresh take on family traditions, celebrations and ways to have fun together. It also addresses ways to encourage each grandchild individually in their unique gifts, talents and abilities.

The book spends time on difficult topics as well—how to deal with tough situations that may arise such as building open communication using listening skills, reconnecting after a breach in a relationship, and how to support grandchildren going through a tough time.

As we process the aftereffects of the pandemic, this book may be a great resource for you as you learn new ways to love your grandchildren. You’ll find an evaluation piece at the end of each chapter to help you assess your own grandparenting strengths and challenges.

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Becoming Grandma by Lesley Stahl

Lesley Stahl is a well-known American journalist, best known for her work on CBS’s 60 Minutes. Now she’s shared how becoming a grandmother transforms a woman’s life.

The book addresses the changing roles of grandmas and grandpas, and she shares many personal stories of her friends and colleagues as they’ve become grandparents, too. She includes both the mountaintop joys and the potential conflicts in taking on the role of Grandma. She shares her experiences with her two granddaughters. Lesley says, “Grandchildren are given to us to make up for aging.” And maybe that’s true.

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Grandmothering: The Secrets to Making a Difference While Having the Time of Your Life by Linda Eyre

Linda Eyre does all the grandma basics: bakes cookies with her grandchildren, reads them stories and gives giant hugs. But she sees something more in her grandmother/grandchild relationships—leaving a legacy.

Eyre writes about teaching her grandchildren values such as honesty, perseverance, and kindness. She talks about ways to build meaningful connections with her grandchildren and helping them be prepared to live with courage in this tough world.

She offers advice and has gathered stories from a panel of grandmas who have shared their grandparenting journeys with her. She has ended each chapter with a thought-provoking question to consider. There is also an appendix in the back of the book sharing recipes for feeding the whole family when you gather.

park boundaries.

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What Happens at Grandma’s Stays at Grandma’s by Lori Borgman

This book is a collection of stories both funny and tender of the goings-on in her family life. Borgman captures the joy and chaos of life with children and grandchildren, and she does it with wit and warmth.

Lori Borgman is a newspaper columnist, an author and a speaker. She has three grown children and eleven grandchildren. Her funny, refreshing stories offer positivity in a time when we all need it.

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Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena and Christian Robinson

This lovely book is one to share with your grandchildren. A grandmother and grandson take a bus ride through a bustling city and share their thoughts and emotions with one another.

The beautiful text and vibrant illustrations make this book a joyful read. The theme is family and creativity and the hope that we find in unexpected places. The warmth of the intergenerational relationship between C J and his grandma will stay in your memory. “Find the things that are beautiful,” Grandma tells him. Enjoy these five popular books for new grandparents.

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