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Not a great time to travel it seems, I’ve so far been lucky, my son however is STILL waiting for a suitcase he ‘lost’ 3 weeks ago.

Delays ? Cancellations? Well those ARE happening, so take a fan, water, a teddy bear, sweeties and listen to ‘calming’ music while waiting for someone to tell you what’s going on.

Tomorrow I’m off again but THIS time I am taking some precautions, here is a list of a few of them.

  1. Attach labels to ALL your suitcases with the address you are going to, plus a tel number, the date and your email address. Put your OWN address on underneath for the return journey.
  2.  Put the same details on a piece of paper INSIDE your suitcases, I’m told ‘they’ can open suitcases to look for addresses or contact numbers.
  3. Take photos of your luggage which saves time at the ‘lost property’ office.
  4. Put as much as you need (I plan for a week at least) in your hand luggage.
  5.  My home is full of my granddaughter’s stickers so I look around for  ones with First Class, Fragile, Club Class, Business Class, Don’t Lose or anything that attracts attention, but remember DON’T put any stickers on a suitcase with dangerous or threatening  words.
  6. Take off all old labels and attach a brightly coloured ribbon on each handle.
  7. Strange  or very bright coloured suitcases that don’t look too expensive (even if they are) but show up easily when searching  through a pile of abandoned luggage could save time?    I’m off… Wish me luck, I hope I don’t get lost.