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Late September and early October are harvest times in the U.S.

Grains have already been brought in during the summer months along with various berries and vegetables, but now is the time to pick tomatoes, corn, string beans, onions, potatoes and orchard fruits including APPLES!

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s as American as apple pie.” It’s true; apples are a great American favorite. We love apple recipes from pies to turnovers,  betties (cobblers) to fritters.

Across the country families either pick apples from their own yards, travel to farmers’ markets to buy them, or take a day trip to orchards to bring home a box or bag of the beautiful fruit.

Red delicious, yellow transparents, juicy red-striped galas or tangy green granny smiths, each variety is treasured for its distinct characteristics such as sweetness, texture, size and storage capabilities.

If you can gather a pound or two of apples, here are some fun recipes to try with the grandkids.