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Try as we might, we can’t turn back the clock on aging. And, as we often remind one another, living with a few aches and pains is better than the alternative. But if it’s true we can’t control our growing older, it’s also true we can make many positive choices to enrich our lives and promote optimal health.

Here are three main ways we can choose to live a full and active life, enjoying each moment and cherishing the positives.

  1. Body Care

Our well-being depends, at least in part, on our physical stamina and over-all health.     There is much we can do as we live each day to maximize our strength, agility and our ability to navigate our daily lives.

  • Skin

The appearance of our skin is one of the most bothersome parts of aging. We can pamper our skin by bathing in warm, not hot water, using quality moisturizers such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, suitable for all ages and types of skin and wearing protective sunscreens., Khiehl’s Ultra Light daily UV defense cream is one of my favourites.

Not smoking is also a way to protect our skin.

  • Diet

Most of us battle weight gain in our senior years. But even though we’ll most likely never be as thin as we were in our twenties, we can be proactive in managing our weight in many ways. Eating a healthy diet is something we can control. Lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, limiting snacks—all of these should be high on our list of ways to maintain our health.

  • Exercise

Do you know a couch potato? One who sits all day and engages in passive activity such as television watching or video game playing. We really can’t afford to be those people as we age. If we don’t use our bodies, they will slowly let us down until doing the simplest tasks becomes difficult.

Choose some physical activities you really enjoy. No need to drudge your way through an exercise routine that isn’t fun. Get some headphones , (I like Sony’s noise cancelling headphones) and move to the music, join a tennis class, walk with a friend—there are hundreds of ways to keep your body moving and maintaining your strength and agility and have fun at the same time.

If you need to modify your movement due to certain physical conditions, you can find adaptive classes or create your own. You’re in charge of your body health.

  • Rest

Life can be hectic. Even in our older years there are many chores, errands and a variety of paperwork tasks that keep us busy. But scheduling in enough rest in our routines is essential. 

Some of us struggle with sleep issues. Be sure to address those and get regular sleep. Take naps when you need to. It’s also good to schedule in short breaks  to rest  and meditate within any day. Leave whatever work you’re doing and go for a brisk walk or sit in the sunshine and read a book. 

Being kind to ourselves as we age, includes allowing both physical and mental rest.

  • Regular Check-ups

Be sure to track your health record and ensure you’re getting all your vaccinations, check-ups, mammograms and regular skin checks. Stay in touch with your health care provider. 

  1. Mental Health
  • Stress Management

Today’s busy lifestyles means that we sometimes become overly busy and drained emotionally. It’s important to manage our stress levels in ways that work best for us. For some that means methods such as yoga or meditation, for others it means engaging in active behaviors such as walking or playing a sport. Find the activities or behaviors that work best for you and incorporate them when life gets too busy.

  • Live in the Moment

Part of the reality of being older, is we have probably lost friends and acquaintances. The end of life is real and present. All the more reason to make the most of each day. 

We need to accept the fact that our lives have changed and be proactive in filling our days with positive experiences. We need to do the things we love to do and have an attitude of gratitude for all we have, rather than mourn the things we can no longer do.

  • Friendships/Family

Strong friendships and healthy family relationships are invaluable in our ability to enjoy each day of our lives. And though relationships can be tricky, the time and effort we put into them will not be wasted. Laughing with a friend, hugging a grandchild, enjoying a sunset with a life partner, all of these are the joys of life we need to cultivate.

  1. Staying Active

Staying active is more than merely physical exercise. It’s a mindset that each day is a 

new adventure. 

  • Interests

Our interests may change as we grow older, or we may continue to enjoy studying history, reading about scientific findings, or collecting fine objects of art. It doesn’t matter so much what our interests are, just that they’re satisfying and give us reasons to go places and interact with others. Or perhaps they challenge us to learn and contemplate.

  • Making Plans

The days may become empty in the lives of seniors as physical challenges or depressing changes affect our lives. But that can be turned around when we make plans to do new activities or take on new challenges. 

Have you ever tried painting with watercolors? There is a class on that near you. Have you always wanted to write your memoir? There is a writing group nearby. 

Making plans for future fun or learning is a way to keep our minds active and our spirits hopeful. A book titled  Life in the Past Lane helps you learn how to focus forward

  • Accepting Change

Many of us don’t enjoy change. We want things to stay the same and we enjoy knowing what to expect. But life doesn’t work that way. People move away, favorite restaurants close, and a myriad of circumstances create a need for adjusting to changes. The more we embrace change, the easier it will be.

Take a look at your monthly calendar. Do you have weekly or monthly activities that you look forward to doing? Here are some of the latest most popular  new books   online. You may also find them in your local library.

Our lives definitely change as we age, but we can make each day a positive one with the right attitudes and choices. 

Have a wonderful day!