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The new year is coming soon. But let’s not make New Year’s resolutions this time around. Instead, let’s set some fresh new goals for 2023  to incorporate into our daily lives with none of the guilt that the short-lived resolutions leave behind.

Goal setting is important at any stage of life, but as we get older, it’s critical to our health and well-being. We probably know the areas of our lives that need a little improvement. And while it may be the same ho-hum weight and exercise problems, let’s be a bit more creative and set some goals in the areas of enjoyment of life and making the most of each day.

Here are some areas of life you may want to improve. And if so, how about setting a goal or two specific enough to know if you’ve attained them. Measurable goals often give some leeway—they’re not a “pass/fail” kind of activity. You may decide to add one new vegetable to your diet or add some weight work to your exercise routine. Small steps, big rewards.

  • Read More

Reading is a wonderful activity. You can learn about anything, or live vicariously 

through the lives of great characters. And the choices are endless. There is science

fiction and historical fiction. There are poems and short stories. There are sagas and 

flash fiction. You can never run out of books. And the good news is they’re free at

your local library. Additionally, we know that our minds thrive when we read and 

engage in new thoughts and ideas.

  • Sleep Better

Most of us find we have trouble getting a good night’s sleep when we’re older. So 

make the effort to find things to help you unwind at bedtime. Maybe a calming

breathing exercise helps or a hot cup of herbal tea in the evening. Whatever helps 

you to relax and embark on a good sleep, do that thing.  However do avoid activities such as

screen time or vigorous exercise just before bedtime. Sleep rejuvenates us and

helps the body repair itself. We need it.

  • Eat Well

Many of us have gained weight as we’ve gotten older. And most of us aren’t happy

about that. But rather than dieting, how about choosing one or two ways to improve

our eating habits. Maybe you can incorporate salads for lunch into your routine or 

add a few new vegetables into your repertoire. How about limiting sweet treats, but

not cutting them out entirely. Extreme dieting almost never works. We lose a few 

pounds, but gain them back again. So, think long-term, set a goal or two and you may 

find that the pounds will melt away as well.

  • Stay Fit

We live in a time when seniors are given wonderful opportunities to exercise and 

Stay fit. We can attend exercise classes at local gyms or clubs, we can exercise in

Our own homes via DVD’s or exercise television shows. In addition, many have 

Found they enjoy a simple walk each day. Find a walking buddy and chat while you

Get in your steps. Sports are another way to stay fit. Play tennis, pickleball or golf.

Whatever you do, don’t fall into the sedentary set who fail to get up and get going!

  • Limit Social Media or Television

Computers are here to stay and so are our televisions. But allowing them to take up

all our free time is a mistake. Watch the things you truly enjoy then turn the TV off.

Use your computer for social interaction, learning, keeping up with the news, and

whatever else you want, but don’t let the machine eat up time that leaves you 

lethargic and dissatisfied. Let’s be proactive about the things we do with our time.

  • Practice Calming Activities

You can find calming activities and exercises on your phone or your computer. Your

health care people can offer you apps that play calming music, take you through a

short meditation or visualization. Take the time to journal your thoughts or take a 

warm Epsom salt bath. Be good to yourself. Get a massage or take a yoga class. Find

the ways that work for you to destress daily.

  • Volunteer

You will find that giving of your time and money is one of the best ways to enjoy

your life. There are always needy folks in any community. They may need food, 

shelter or your time to just talk and share their stories. Your willingness to get involved will make life more rewarding You can volunteer in schools,

at food banks, or via community organizations. 

  • Declutter Your Home

Do you have “too much stuff”? Most of us do and it feels wonderful to get rid of

some of it. Rehome things that are still useful and send a lot to the dump or put it

in the bin. Finally  simplifying your surroundings makes for a more peaceful and comfortable


  • Laugh/Enjoy Life

Find those people who make you laugh and enjoy time spent together. Take the

time to read a comic or joke each day. Look for the humor in normal, daily life.

Soak in the beauty of nature or a well-written poem. Stay positive and look for

good things: I promise you’ll find them.