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Just be ready! What is needed in the house when there is a lengthy power outage?

 Useful tips:

Don’t forget bottled water, water purification tablets, a water filtration system

Buy non-perishable food canned goods, nuts etc,  a manual can and bottle opener

Ask Granny suggests a few sleeping bags are always useful, plus of course a First Aid Kit and maybe extra prescription medications.

If the power outage lasts a few days, then look out or buy card games, board games,  fully charged e-books  and any other non-electronic entertainment.

Look for your important documents, passports etc and keep them all together and close by

Have some cash handy, a list of emergency numbers, check on fire extinguishers and  make sure all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors  are in working order.

Be prepared to ensure your family’s safety, well-being and comfort.

Here are some of the items, that Ask Granny considers important to always have in the home, especially in times of scary worldwide news, upheavals, pandemics, lockdowns or curfews.

Rechargeable Flash Lights.


Battery powered lanterns

Rechargeable Lantern

hand-cranked radio to stay informed, with solar power, USB charging  and a SOS button to turn on SOS alert

Emergency Alert Radio W Solar Crank.

Power banks for your mobile kit

Power Bank Charger.

Solar powered chargers for small devices

Solar Powered Chargers.

Car Power Inverter to charge small and medium size electronics

Car Power Inverter.