Ten Tips for Healthy Eating During the Festive Holidays


Want to avoid weight gain during the holidays? It’s not easy when you’re facing a huge array of sugary and fatty foods, but there are ways to make better choices that will pay dividends when you put those feet on the scales. Try some of these  10 tips to enjoy holiday parties and dinners.


1) When eating roasted turkey or chicken, avoid eating the skin which is very high in saturated fats.

2) Replace butter in stuffing with chicken broth. Omit sausage.

3) Mash potatoes with low-fat milk or chicken stock. Skip the butter and cream.

4) Eat sweet potatoes, but leave off the sugary toppings. A few miniature marshmallows will add a touch of sugar.

5) Eat mixed nuts rather than fatty desserts.

6) Select appetizers from the fruit and veggie trays and avoid high-calorie canapés, cheeses and carbohydrate choices.

7) Plain popcorn is a healthy snack. Caramel corn—not so much.

8) Make eggnog drinks with skim milk, egg substitute and artificial sweetener.

9) Wine spritzers made with wine and sparkling water is a good choice.

10) Avoid cookies, cakes and candies. Eat dark chocolate sparingly.


For more information on healthy holiday eating go to Healthy Holiday Eating.


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