Help for Partially Blind Seniors


Practical Helps for Senior with Visual Impairment

If you or someone you love has problems with vision, you may want to check out some of the implements below. From magnifiers to talking watches and clocks, there is a wide variety of helpful products to make each day a little easier.


5 x Full-page Magnifying Lamp: These helpful lamps come in both floor and table models. The 5 x magnification and 36 LED’s make these full-page reading lenses just the thing for the visually impaired. From Gold Violin.

North Coast Task-vision Magnifying Glasses: Found at Amazon, these glasses can be worn alone or over corrective lenses. Each lens is adjustable and they come with a protective case.

Hand-held Magnifiers: Look here to find a variety of hand-held magnifiers or all shapes, sizes and strengths. You’ll find just the right one for your vision needs.


Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock: From Maxiaids, this unit features capacity for 25 personalized voice reminders plus a voice-activated alarm with large LED display.

Weather Station Clock with Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer: This unit displays time, a weather graphic and indoor-outdoor temperatures at a glance.

Moshi IVR Voice-controlled Talking Alarm Clock: This unique item can be set to respond to voice commands to hear the date, time, plus the alarm time and sound. From Independent Living.

Writing and Money Management Items

Writing Guides: Find just the right template for your needs. Choose from large-lined pages signature and check-writing guides.

iBill Talking Banknote Identifier: From Orbit, this compact unit accurately and immediately identifies bills. The unit can be clipped to a belt or held in a pocket. It has an increased volume for use in noisy public environments.

Bookholders and Stands: Choose from a variety of products to help hold and stabilize your reading material while you use a hand-held reading aid.

Lamps and Lighting

Giglight Bright LED Book Light: This item sends out clean, white light for the vision-impaired reader. Good for use at a desk or in bed.

Lamp Switch Enlargers: This simple and inexpensive product can be a great help in easily turning lamps on and off. The enlarger fits easily over most lamp switch knobs.

Table Magnifier Lamp: Perfect for your desk or reading station. Magnifies 5X and fluorescent white light.

Have a Little Fun

Go to to find fun game items such as enlarged dice, jumbo remote controls, a low-vision bridge set, giant playing cards or raised-dot dominoes.