Some Important Websites to Help Solve Youth Addictions



Ask Granny receives many requests from grandparents  asking for help  when dealing with drug problems in the  family.

Another worry is how to protect young kids and pre teens from the dangers of the internet and we all know internet safety is of the utmost importance!

From Michele Peng at Educator  Labs, Ask Granny received useful website tips for parents and grandparents dealing with youth problems  and addictions and  Michele added  to the list, up to date help regarding online safety for kids.


Below is a short list of useful websites dealing with youth addiction, mental health and safety resources.

When you have a chance, take a look :

Teen Drug Evolution: A Parent’s Resource Guide


Drug Prevention 4 Teens


Advice re drug abuse


Adolescent Moral Development


17 Non-Profits Dedicated to Parents, Students, and Teachers


Parent Guide: Talk With Your Kids about Internet Safety


The 14 Rules of Online Safety for Children


NSPCC – Online Safety


Mobile Device Safety for Kids


Thanks Michele for the tips!