Fast Facts on Osteoporosis

        685d952383a98983c9bbdbe5b90acd88         Osteoporosis, a decrease in bone density can happen in our bodies silently. If you haven’t scheduled a bone density test, you probably will want to do that soon. Here are some of Ask Granny website lists with helpful information on how to prevent this condition and how to cope with it once it affects your body.

National Institute of Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases

You’ll find complete information and articles about the causes and prevention of osteoporosis, who is at greatest risk, how it is discovered, how to treat the condition and more.

Web MD

This site also has complete and interesting information about osteoporosis. You’ll find an overview of facts on the disease, the symptoms and types, living with and managing the condition plus support and resources for those suffering with the condition.


This UK site offers wonderful information on all aspects of the disease. It also talks about the tests used to diagnose the condition and when to seek treatment. It outlines the various drugs used to treat osteoporosis.