Dance for Fun, Dance for Health

    Many seniors have discovered that although they may not enjoy traditional aerobic exercise or the impact of jogging around the neighbourhood, they absolutely love dancing! Get the music going and let your body relax and move, and you forget all about the calories being burned, you’re just having fun. 

There is a tremendous range of dancing choices available to seniors today whether the purpose is for staying connected to others and enjoying life or it’s a way to regain some enthusiasm for life and regenerate body and mind. You might choose country line dancing or square dancing. Maybe you enjoy elegant ballroom dances such as the waltz or the samba, or even the more upbeat cha-cha or salsa. Many prefer to learn intricate and beautiful folk dances and some seniors even have the energy for tap dancing. Current dance competitions on television have inspired some senior centers to conduct dance contests for seniors. 

For health’s sake dancing is a great form of exercise. In a typical evening of square dancing the average dancer will travel the equivalent of two to three miles, smiling all the while. Besides the movement, dancing provides practice in coordination and balance, improves muscle tone, and inspires mental alertness. The togetherness that occurs when a group of people gather to dance is also good medicine for those who might otherwise be feeling disconnected and lonely.

Dancing classes and socials are available in many locations from community centers to dance studios. There are also cruise ships dedicated entirely to the dancers of the world. If a senior is limited physically there are some fun chair dancing routines to enjoy. And medical studies using chair and circle dancing routines combined with some jazzy music have actually proved to increase mental awareness and general enjoyment of life.

Who can refuse a catchy tune and a group of friends who are singing along to the song and moving to the beat? Check out the following link to see some seniors having the time of their lives while dancing and others who are enjoying the therapy music and movement can put back into life.