Best Exercise Videos for Senior Citizens

onlinedatingforseniors5Sometimes it’s hard to get out of your home to a place to take an exercise class. It’s much more convenient and time-saving to choose your favourite exercise CD and get your workout in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some good choices for exercise and workout routines designed especially for seniors.


Mike Ross Videos, Moving with Mike: These thirty minute videos are designed for those over sixty. Each thirty minute video includes warm-ups, balance exercise, strength and coordination exercises, upper body and posture work and stretching exercises.


Tony Horton Videos: Made for those over fifty-five, Tony teams with fitness instructor Judy Williams to give you thirty minutes of low-impact exercise. You’ll work to improve your energy levels, reduce joint stiffness and improve flexibility, strength and balance.


Senior Fitness: Easy Does It: You can do this exercise program either seated or standing. You will do one or two sets of exercises using weights from one to five pounds. The first set is light and the second is moderate. This easy-to-follow CD takes fifty minutes if you do both sets.


Leslie Sansone: Active Adult: This in-home exercise program leads you through a one to two mile walk as if you were out of doors. Set to music, the basic moves help you count your steps as you enjoy the exercises. You can stop at the one mile mark or continue on to complete the equivalent of a two mile walk. The first section takes twelve minutes while doing both sections adds up to twenty-three minutes.