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Maybe you’ve already divested yourself of thirty of forty years of life and all its clutter. But for many of us we’re staring at the family home and wondering when it may be time to move. We may want something smaller, something with less upkeep, or something safer as we age.

There are as many options as there are people when it comes to making a big change in our latter years. We can’t afford to make an unwise decision, and for many of us, change isn’t easy. But what are some of the considerations in making such a big decision? What do we really want and need? Here are some things to contemplate.


Is your family home is just too big for you these days? Too much to clean, too many repairs, too much yard work, etc. But that is not always the case. Maybe in retirement years you have the means to buy the kind of home you’ve always wanted. Maybe you want a condo near the beach or a cabin in the woods. Have you always wanted space for a shop or a flower garden or any number of other reasons to relocate? 

Whether you want more floorspace, yard or garden, or less, it’s probably time to make the move you want. Making a change while you have the resources, and the quality of health is important.


Some of us find that the area we live in no longer suits our needs and desires. If we’re in the country, we may want easier access to shopping and medical clinics. Or if we’re tired of suburban life we may decide to try a city environment with easy shopping and lots of theater, music, and art choices.

Or perhaps your neighborhood has undergone change. It has too much traffic now or too much noise. If crime rates have heightened, or expenses have risen over time, maybe it’s time for a change.


As we age there are increased safety risks in our home environments. We need to aware of tripping and falling, being close to health and rescue services, limiting the number of stairs we climb daily and much more.

Perhaps your neighborhood used to be quiet and friendly, but now doesn’t always feel like a safe place to live. And maybe you’re worried that doing all the necessary repairs and tasks around your living area is becoming too much for you.


Many seniors live on a fixed income. That retirement or Social Security check just doesn’t stretch as far as it used to and there aren’t many opportunities to increase income. Short of going back into the work force, retirees often choose to downsize to save money.

Or maybe you’ve come into a hefty sum of money due to inheritance, investments, sales of businesses, etc. and are now able to purchase the home of your dreams.


Declining health may be a reason to make a change of address. Moving to an assisted living situation or other home in which daily living is easier, may be necessary. And lots of seniors enjoy the activities, freedom from shopping for groceries and cooking meals, and a relaxed, easier lifestyle to be a positive.

Even if our overall health is good, we may choose to live where recreation and social activities are more available.


Family comes first. When there is a death in the family or a new baby, or a new job for a family member you may consider a move. You may opt to find a new living situation where you could support your family better.

Moving to a new living situation in our older years is a big decision that requires research and a careful survey of our wants, needs and resources. It may require a bit of courage to honestly survey our situations and make the best choice.

Here’s to living our very best lives every single day.