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abuelos-chateando Here is a senior citizen’s online guide for playing a variety of fun games on your computer. It is a proven fact that keeping our minds busy with puzzles and games of all kinds is good for memory and problem solving skills. These games are free to use and will hold your attention. Many of them are played with opponents in real time.


Online Chess

Choose from multi-player chess, Three Dimensional Chess, Flash Chess, Instant Chess which is live with a worldwide opponent, or eChess which is a correspondence chess game.


Attention Development Games

Stretch your attention span with one of these fun games. Try Eagle Eye Puzzle in which you find a location somewhere in the world using Google Maps satellite images, of Scribble where you connect the dots as quickly as possible, or Fantastic Contraptions in which you invent a device to move you from point A to point B.


Simulation Games

In these fun simulations you may choose The Gardener in which you plant, grow, harvest and sell your crops, or Underwater Swim in which you show your ability to swim underwater for long periods of time or Boutique Escape where you’re trapped inside a shopping centre and need to use clues and hidden objects to find your way out.


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