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Most of us are weary of staying home and living with restrictions.

Even in these sad and uncertain times, we  can feel frustrated and want to return to our old hobbies and fun activities. But what if you’re feeling bored and dissatisfied with the same old, same old? Maybe it’s time to try something new.

Trying a new hobby or activity not only opens the door to learning a new skill; it also introduces you to a new set of friends. And that can be important in our senior years.

Here is a list of ideas for moving out of your predictable schedules and venturing into something new and exciting.

Learn to Play a New Instrument

If you love music, it’s quite enjoyable to learn to play a simple instrument. Check out local group lessons for ukulele, harmonica, or keyboard. Pick up that old guitar and find online lessons. Find a drumming group and take part. Rhythm and melody can uplift even the darkest day.

Join a Book Club

Find a group of readers and join them for a monthly book read. This can be online or in person and your local library may have groups you can join. Read good books and take turns being the discussion leader. You’ll find discussion questions available online and you’ll find some new friends who love books.

Re-join an Old Sport

Did you play tennis or golf in your younger years? Visit your local clubs and see what is available for seniors. Many community clubs offer Pickleball which is a ton of fun and a lot easier than tennis. Play table tennis or badminton. Take a group swim/exercise class or try a cycling group. Sports are a great way to stay active and meet new friends.

Find Groups Who Walk or Take Hikes Together

Most communities have groups of senior citizens who plan walks and hikes in the community. Some travel to outlying areas and some find routes in town. But either way, you’ll meet other seniors who like to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors. The planned hikes usually state a difficulty level from easy to difficult. Take your pick.

Volunteer At a Local Food Bank or Other Agency

There are always ways to reach out to your community and help those in need. Local food banks are working harder than ever to meet needs. And there are hospital volunteer jobs, school and library jobs, foster care, and family service opportunities. Giving of your time and talents is a good way to engage with the community.

Be a Citizen Scientist

This is an interesting way to support your local community. People are needed to join in online active scientific research projects. You may observe things like wildlife in a certain area, birds and nests, or water levels in a certain area. Visit to check out this option in your community.

Try a New Form of Yoga

There are many forms of yoga exercise from intense to more relaxing. Seniors may enjoy traditional hatha yoga which focuses on poses and breathing, or Yin Yoga which holds poses for an extended time. Many senior community centers offer yoga designed especially for senior bodies and you may even find seated yoga classes to fit the needs of all.

Whatever activities you’ve done in the past, it’s always fun and energizing to try something new. And don’t forget about making new friends and enjoying their company while you do something nice for yourself.