Seniors: Best iPad Apps for Boosting Memory

It seems that senior citizens have taken to iPads quite well. Besides the quick communication possibilities with this technological wonder, seniors may find that some of the applications can help maintain higher levels of memory. And, where memory is an issue the apps can fill in the gaps. Here are some of the best iPad apps for supporting memory.

Mint Bills This app helps seniors track and organize their bills. It also supports online bill pay features. Seniors need never pay overdraft fees again.

BugMe  This app lets you set up reminder notes for medical appointments, birthdays or any other special date. Very helpful for seniors who have trouble remembering and tracking monthly activities.

Find my iPad Lost your iPad? No worries. This app allows you to use an iPhone or a computer to track and locate your lost device.

Med Reminder  The Med Reminder by Cardiosmart allows you to track your daily mediations and never forget a dose.

Vismory This little app will provide hours of fun and boost memory at the same time. It’s a game to help memorize colors, shapes and the position of 3-D objects. Good for short term memory and sequencing skills.