Looking for Super Senior Swimwear?



 Summer is coming ! What do you want in swimwear? If you’re like me, it’s a touchy subject. I do want comfort, and that comes in the form of plenty of coverage—a bit more fabric than when I was younger. The cost is another important question, but with swimwear it’s often best to spend a little more for quality.


Here are some online shops offering quality swimwear for reasonable prices.


Zappos: Lots of selection with longer tops for great coverage. You can shop by price as well.


Soma:  You’ll find the Soma Magicsuit in many varieties. They have beautiful lines and tankini tops for maximum slimming.


Woman Within: If you’re a bit overweight you’ll love these swimwear choices. They’re slimming and beautiful at the same time.


Dressbarn: You’ll find some feminine ruffles on these suits. They’re comfortable and you’ll find one in your price range.


Go ahead, ladies, take the plunge. Nothing is more enjoyable than a relaxed day by a pool or beach. Get ready for those lazy summer days—find your swimsuit now.




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