Six Helpful Books for those Facing the Death of an Elderly Loved One

griefAs our beloved elderly friends and family members age, we all face the reality of their deaths.

Indeed, even we recent retirees may have lost loved ones to what we consider early deaths. We’re startled out of our normal daily routines and forced to deal with our loss.

While we all know everyone eventually passes on from this life, we still may experience a range of emotional responses when the event occurs from surprise to fear to depression. We’re familiar with the stages of grief from denial to acceptance, but there are many resources for coping with the process of losing those we love, and you may find one of them very helpful if you’re going through the grief process.

Here are titles and authors of some of the best resources for coping with the death of a parent, another elderly family member or an elderly friend. Some of us may be suffering the loss of a spouse or even a child. Just as in life where we find endless varieties of personalities and lifestyles, these books address the issues from a number of perspectives. One of them may appeal especially to you in your circumstance.

If you are going through the process of dealing with grief, browse through these titles and see if one of them will help you along the way.


Grief Education for Caregivers of the Elderly by Harold G. Koenig and Junietta B. McCall

The Orphaned Adult by Alexander Levy

Final Arts: The End of Life, Hospice and Palliative Care by Gerry Cox and Robert G. Stevenson

Grieving the Death of a Mother by Harold Ivan Smith

Bereavement and Grief: Supporting Older People Through Loss by Steve Scrutton

On Our Way: The Final Passage Through Life and Death by Robert Kastenbaum


All of these titles are available at . Some of them are available for download on Kindle and other reading devices.