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The grandchildren are asleep or back home with the parents?!   Grandparents need some time for THEMSELVES …. so  Ask Granny  has a few websites for you to look at which are for and about YOU! In your spare time start surfing the net and become a Savvy Senior Silver Surfer!


  • How to Spend Your Time in Later Life!
  • This website is an extremely useful website for mature or maturing age groups.Get some ideas of how to spend your time in later life!
  • In My Prime ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Senior Online Learning in the UK Take an Online Class and Learn About Computers.
  • In the sometimes dark and gloomy days of winter it is easy to feel a little stagnated. Energy levels get low and lethargy closes in. These are perfect times to move ahead in life with some new and challenging interest. It’s a great time to take an online class and learn about computers, photography or Romantic Poets. The benefit of online learning is that you can stay in the warmth and comfort of your own home while doing the work, and you can learn at your own pace. In these modern times you can also ask questions and have a real person answer them for you. Have you wanted to polish up your French or perhaps you want to learn how to start a small business? Go to and click on the online learning button then get ready to chase away those winter-time blues.
  • BBC UK Learning ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Granny Look Special: The Thrift Book More Authentic and Down to Earth Ways to Live.
  • The Thrift Book: Live Well and Spend Less written by London freelance journalist India Knight may be the book your children are reading and should be sharing with you. Many of our children are looking for more authentic and down to earth ways to live and as a byproduct of this simpler lifestyle the budget is kept under control. The Thrift Book is a “blueprint for living beautifully while saving money.” It teaches ways to cook wonderful, interesting dinners, grow things to eat, do homemade side dishes such as jams, chutneys and pickles, how to dress, how to barter and share and how to celebrate holidays, all inexpensively but graciously. It is all about finding joy in small things and taking care to add a unique personal touch to all we do in our homes. You’ll enjoy this one. Find it at
  • Thrift Books ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Are You Adopting a Child from China?
  • This will interest all parents and grandparents in and out of ChinaWhat is he or she saying? A lot of frustration seems to be tied up with language – and what they call “language delays” are all too often a part of parenting kids adopted internationally. Toddlers like to be understoodOf course, babies have their own language, and chances are, if you’re an average parent adopting from China, you’ll be meeting these new kids when they’re really quite new indeed, so what you need right away is a baby translator !What do you think about adopting a child from another country?Let Ask Granny  know your feelings!
  • China Adoption Blog ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Nana’s corner is a pleasant way to spend some time on the internet. Make new friends, swap ideas and recipes. A granny Look favourite
  • Nana’s Corner ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Find Grandparent thoughts collected from all over the web! These free thoughts will enlighten and inspire you. Support Groups have been updated!!. There is support out there. You can now find some of it here. Joy’s Corner offers insight and inspiration. It’s not easy being Grand!
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Useful viewing on a rainy day!
  • A comprehensive list of links to keep you busy on a rainy day, each providing information, company and tips to make any day a special learning experience. Use this site as a good starting point for a day of intriguing surfing.
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • A useful resource for grandparents
  • The Savvy Senior is fun to read, easy to understand and over 50s.. when you have some free time, take a look at it! A national information service devoted to older Americans and the families who support them. Through a variety of media, Savvy Senior provides information and resources through its nationally syndicated newspaper column, senior newswire service, resource books, weekly radio program and television features on NBC, CNBC, CNN and Retirement Living TV.
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • A Magazine for grandparents!
  • Enjoy having grandchildren! GRAND provides information and inspiration for parents and grandparents everywhere!
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • An interesting site to look at in Grandparent Free Time!
  • Always a good moment to make a New Year Resolution! Make a difference. Help make another person’s day special with this website for volunteers around the world helping more communities come together.
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • The number one destination for grandparents!
  • The free fun place for grandparents! Check out our gift ideas for grandchildren. Read product reviews. Learn your rights as a grandparent. Learn song lyrics and more!
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Create treasured memories and have fun too!
  • Fun with your kids and grandkids! Crafts, games, gifts, kid projects, blogs and more.Take photos of the grandchildren and send them to all your loved ones!
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Creative ideas for grandparents, whether they live far or near the family
  • Free, fun ideas for connecting grandparents with long-distance grandchildren. has hundreds of tips and dozens of project ideas for you to discover and use with your family, whether they live across the world from you or just around the corner. Enjoy your stay, and come back often–they have fun ideas for every season!
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • The foundation for grandparenting, established in 1980 by Dr. Arthur Kornhaber, advocates the involvement of grandparents to benefit the family and society through education, communication, networking, research and programs.
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Have fun and learn…. for computer-using adults.
  • Senior net provides older adult education and access to computer technologies..Great for grandparents and parents! SeniorNet is the nation’s leading and most respected provider of access to and education on computer technologies and Internet for adults age 50+. Since 1986, they’ve opened up new worlds of information to more than a million people through our Learning Centers and robust online community.
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site


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