Handmade Designer Jewelry for Summer

When you can’t afford to buy a whole new summer wardrobe, how about finding some fantastic handmade jewelry ( jewellery UK spelling!) to accessorize the things you already own? These unique jewelry websites offer just the pzazz you need this summer. Flow Designs out of Boulder, Colorado has a beautiful line of jewelry with a focus on aqua and gold. Joy O Designs known for its “eco-chic” jewelry is another good choice. Take a look at Wendy Culpepper’s work or Diana Bostany’s beaded jewelry. Anne Vaughn’s Designs out of Virginia is another yummy place to shop. While handmade jewelry is a bit more expensive than off the rack, you’ll be pleased with the results in sprucing up your summer wardrobe.

Ask Granny’s top choice of the month is:


“One of a kind treasures of gold and
precious stones designed
and hand-made by  English artist Corinna Gordon. ( See photo)

A portion of all proceeds  from SPENDERELLA goes to
The Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara.


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