Essential Tools for Your Home Repair Kit


IMG203818102880Men and women alike should pay attention to this bit of news.

Ask Granny thinks these are the tools you’ll need to fix nearly everything that breaks at home. Big jobs will still need a professional, but for minor plumbing, electrical and other home repairs, this kit will do just fine.

Begin with a soft canvas tool bag that can fit over a five gallon bucket. Buy the kind with pockets that will drape over the sides. Place all the tools on the list into the pockets and main container of this bucket and you’ll always be ready to do the next fix-it job.

Here is what you need:

A steel shaft hammer with a rubber grip. Choose the straight claw, not the curved.

A 12-15 inch pry bar

Vise grips, sometimes called locking pliers or channel locks. These are used for metal or PVC pipe work.

Needle nosed pliers for electrical work.

A screwdriver set that has two flat and two Phillips screwdrivers in ¼ inch and 3/8 inch.

Wirecutter/stripper for wires.

A six foot tape measure

An electrical tester with two probes and a light for checking electrical current

A reversible drill with bits.

A ½ inch steel chisel

A utility knife

A handsaw

A nine inch level with bubble that floats to center

A pair of safety glasses

A flashlight

WD 40


Keep all of these tools together, and don’t forget to replace them when a job is completed. You’ll always be ready for the next do it yourself home repair.