In 2010  the Ask Granny  website was launched, a unique website for Grandparents and the Over 50s –
 A comprehensive guide to everything a Grandparent, or Senior need to find on the internet.
Ask Granny  is a unique online resource for seniors and grandparents – a website created by a grandmother exclusively for grandparents and the over 50s to provide everything they need on the internet.

When searching this website you will find tips on the latest toys, books  and gifts for grandparents and their grandchildren, updates on health and wellbeing and top travel ideas.

Ask Granny  is always on the lookout for fun, interesting and educational new topics for grandparents and grandchildren to share.
Ask Granny’s  comprehensive and honest expertise is available either on her website at www.askgranny.com or via the free newsletter she sends out to subscribers. Each newsletter contains the highlights of the coming few weeks including Ask Granny’s own recommendations.
All information on www.askgranny.com is divided into easy-to-use and accessible categories, such as Toys & Gifts, Indoor & Outdoor Activities,  Entertainment, Health & Well Being and Travel.  The Over50s and Grandparents can therefore access the information they need with ease and, most importantly, find exactly what is useful for their grandchildren and themselves.
Ask Granny was founded by Juliet Hambro who had the idea for the website shortly after she became a grandmother for the first time in 2004. Juliet, who is in her seventies, previously ran her own fashion businesses, then spent 4 years researching the different categories for the site before www.askgranny.com was launched in 2010.
Juliet said: “Grandparents who have retired from working are in a unique position to give their grandchildren quality time and now play crucial roles in educating, spending time (and money) with their youngsters.
Ask Granny is about helping those grandparents get the most out of the internet by doing all the research for them.”