The GRANDparent Network is a newly formed and fast growing consortium of blogs and websites that serve today’s grandparents that offers savvy marketeers and advertisers a highly targeted, unique and cost effective media to reach today’s boomer grandparents.

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Together they reach over 250,000 grandparent readers monthly with news, inspiration and information today’s boomer grandparents seek.


GRANDparents are wired.

  • 75% are online
  • 70% use search engines to find information
  • 63% shop online
  • 30% Instant message
  • 56% share photos online
  • 46% bank online
  • 45% are on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo! Groups

GRANDparents have money.

  • They control 75%of the wealth in this country.
  • They have the highest average net worth of any other age group ($254,000).
  • They spend $2 trillion every year on consumer goods and services.
  • 55%no longer carry a mortgage
For information on putting the GRANDparent Network to work for your brand, please email Christine Crosby at or or call 727-327-9039.



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