Good Music for Little Ears


Young children love music.   They are soothed by soft classical selections, energized and entertained by upbeat music with strong rhythmic beats and delighted by lyrics that make them laugh.

Every child can benefit from including music in their lives.  Children can enjoy background music during meals, my grandchildren love listening to pop songs whilst eating! You might enjoy karaoke too! When life is stressful, consider listening to soothing musical sounds  with your little ones.

Here are some musical selections guaranteed to tickle little ears.



Mozart’s Sleepytime Music Box

Classics Baby: Beethoven

Classical Music for Children: Debussy



World Music for Little Ears

A Child’s Garden of Songs

African Playground


Fun Favourites

101 Toddler Favorite Hit Songs

Veggietale Sing Alongs

Songs from the Street: Sesame Street