The Best in Children’s Magazines for Your Grandchildren


It’s a lot of fun for your grandchildren when the latest copy of a favorite magazine arrives in the post. It’s double-exciting when the magazine is all theirs. There are quite a few ho-hum magazines for kids quality-wise. But here are some suggestions for finding the best in literature, information and education-minded reading for your grandkids.

Try Cricket….

Cricket is the name covering fourteen different magazines from Carus Publishing House. Beginning with Babybug for the tinies and moving up to six different choices for children aged nine to fourteen, this set of children’s magazines is the best literature, the most beautiful layouts and illustrations and well worth the money they cost. In addition Carus has a title for teens called Cicada. This one focuses on literature. Whatever your child’s interests, be it art, science, math, culture and history or just plain good reading, there is a Carus book just right for them.


Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr.

Most children love animals and enjoy reading all about them. Put out by the National Wildlife Federation, Ranger Rick for 7-12 year olds and Ranger Rick Jr. for 4-7 year olds provide all the animal reading you want. Plus the magazines are filled with top-quality animal photography. These magazines are keepers, you’ll file them in the library with good books.


In the UK Story Box and Adventure Box.

Story Box for three to six year-olds is filled with literature, puzzles, comics, science trivia and more. It’s won the Parent’s Choice Gold award for excellence in children’s literature. For six to nine year-olds Adventure Box is filled with articles, stories, comics, games and science secrets.

Carus Publishing

Ranger Rick

Story Box and Adventure Box