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Everyone loves a baby, but the chaos that can envelop a household when baby comes home is truly amazing. Both parents will be sleep-deprived within the week. How can grandparents offer support? The key is to offer (not dictate) help. Be available and ready to step in wherever needed, while new parents get their parenting feet on the ground

Here are some tips:

Either bring in meals or cook healthy meals for the family. This is especially helpful after the first rush of well-wishers has waned. The second and third weeks of a new baby’s life could use a boost in the meal prep department. Later on a weekly meal on an agreed-upon day will be greatly appreciated.

Offer to do housework such as laundry and general cleaning. Keep the dishes clean and clutter picked up. An exhausted mom can become overwhelmed when the entire house is in a state of disrepair.

Offer to run errands. Pick up groceries, take deposits to the bank, fill the car with gas, and whatever else needs to be done.

Spend time with older siblings. Read to them, do crafts with them and take them out on little excursions so Mom and Dad can focus on baby.

Offer to take a night shift or be available during the day so Mom can nap.

Most of all, offer calming support. You’ve had the experience of caring for a newborn. You know that the colic will pass and the baby will learn to sleep through the night. Well-placed encouraging words can mean the world to an exhausted and frazzled Mom.

Important up to date info for all mums and grandmas!

JOHNSON’S® knows there are stress-producing situations in the first weeks of a baby’s life.  Ask Granny has discovered the company has developed a baby campaign called Baby Lag.  The term is used to describe the incredible tiredness and other physical effects experienced by new parents suffering from ongoing interrupted sleep. They’ve developed a quick and easy test to take which produces a Baby Lag score. After taking the test you can also read about a three-step night-time routine which is clinically proven to help babies sleep better in just one week. The test and baby sleep information is available at: In addition, Ask Granny suggests you read the attached detailed and useful information from sleep expert Doctor Dev Banerjee who has collaborated with Johnsons on their Baby Lag sleep campaign.

Dr Dev Banejee