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grandkids & grandparents Many grandparents find themselves taking on the role of parenting their grandchildren. It’s a big task and one that requires a great deal of support to do well.

Keep in mind that your local living area may have specific guidelines in place concerning the placement of children at risk.

The rules and guidelines may vary from location to location. Contact your local authorities for information.

 If you or someone you know is in the process of taking on the monumental task of parenting their grandchildren, you’ll be interested to research the question of adoption vs. guardianship. There are many questions to ask when deciding which role is best for your family. 

What are the benefits to the child?

What is the role of the courts?

What are the family circumstances now and what may happen in the future?

What are the various types of guardianship?

What are the differences between adoption and guardianship?

What financial concerns might impact your decision?

For more information on support for family members taking on a parenting role go to: