Grandchildren. 6 Educational Websites

Screen-time for the Grandkids (Make it Educational).

If your grandchildren are like mine, they carry their screens with them at all times. They love their games and their connections to friends. And though it’s wise to limit screen time and shoo them outdoors to play, why not make the most of their motivation?

There are great sites online to support all the great learning your grandchildren did last school year. Why not encourage them to spend part of their screen time boning up on skills in reading, math, science and foreign languages? Why not build skills in geography and problem solving? In other words, why not “go with the flow” and gain positive grandparenting points while at the same time helping your grandkids to learn?

Here are some of the best sites for summer learning online:

This site has a wealth of learning opportunities for children from age 4 through 12. There are games and activities in reading and language, math, problem solving and puzzles and on common knowledge information such as holidays. Lots of support for the skills learned in the previous year of school.

This is a great site for kids. Set up with progressive lessons in reading, math, science, art and music, it boasts six levels, over 450 individual lessons and 5,000 lessons. Very motivating and interactive.

For older learners, this site has short articles packed with information under a number of topics. You’ll find articles on science, health, technology, current events, animals, and much more. Entice your grandchild here by asking a leading question. “Do you know how drones work? No? Well, let’s find out.”

This site offers a dizzying array of games, puzzles, color sheets and other activities in a wide variety of subjects including astronomy, biology, geology, history, math, memory and spelling. Great for older grandkids.

This is another great site with a wealth of free games in a variety of subjects. There are games for the very young in reading and math skills and also more challenging games for older grandkids in social studies, geography, literature, math, art and music, health and more.

This old favorite is still lots of fun for the younger set. And kids can play and learn their alphabet, numbers and more. You’ll find games and videos and even a playlist of great Sesame Street educational songs for your grandchildren’s learning and entertainment.