Five Great Toys for Boys Aged 8-12

Magic-Set-                  Christmas is coming.

You may think it’s more difficult to find toys as the kids get older. But it won’t be if you check out these great toys for older boys. Each one is getting rave reviews right now.

Perplexus 3-D Puzzle Maze:  This brainteaser in a clear acrylic ball is a top-notch puzzle. Great for developing reasoning, spatial thinking, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration, this maze has three different starting points. The twists and turns, spirals and ramps will keep kids (and adults) busy for hours.

Erector 10 Model Set, 190 pieces:  This classic toy never goes out of style. Kids can build ten different projects with the 190 pieces including a motorcycle, a propeller plane, a roadster, a helicopter and a fighter jet plus five other designs. Your budding engineer may want to design and build his own creation. As usual, the sturdy metal pieces including gear wheels and pulleys are virtually indestructible.

Logic Links: For your older boys who love a thinking challenge. Logic links uses forty-eight colored chips to solve one hundred logic problems. Great for problem solving, sequencing and clear thinking.

K’NEX Rippin Rocket Coaster:  Build a super roller coaster that is over four feet high. The set includes over 500 pieces plus over 20 feet of spirals. It also comes with a motorized blaster. The twists and loops will provide roller coaster fun for many hours. Uses three C batteries not included.

POOF-Slinky-Ideal 100 Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase with Instructional DVD:  Kids will learn to amaze their friends with 100 magic tricks. The instructional DVD shows how to master each trick. The suitcase doubles as a performance table. Includes a magic deck of cards plus props.


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