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Children absolutely love Valentine’s Day with its red and pink decorations, card-giving and sweet stories. Here are five of Granny’s favorite books to read with young children during the Valentine’s Day season.

Lilly’s Chocolate Heart by Kevin Henkes

Henkes captures his little mouse characters perfectly. They act a lot like young children. Lilly is looking for the perfect place to hide her last candy heart. Will she find it?


Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane De Groat

It’s fun to make valentine poems for all the nice kids in class. But what should Gilbert do when he writes poems for two classmates who have hurt his feelings?


Clifford’s Valentines by Norman Bridwell

Our favorite Big Red Dog is back. How can a dog send valentines? He’s received so many he just has to find a way!


Fluffy’s Valentine’s Day by Kate McMullen

Fluffy the classroom pet guinea pig is not enjoying Valentine’s Day one bit. The children are so busy with valentine’s projects that they ignore him. And then to make matters worse, they decide to give him a bath. Poor Fluffy.


Max’s Valentine by Rosemary Wells

Ruby is making her Valentine’s Day cards and Max wants to make some too. “No, Max, you’ll eat all the candy,” Ruby says. Grandma to the rescue! What will Grandma do to make Max’s Valentine’s day special?