A grandchild’s birthday – a grandparent’s dilemma

 postersThe birthday of a beloved grandchild always causes similar expectations of the parents towards the grandparent. Parents are trying to eagerly provide gifts that will make the child’s dreams come true but at the same time want the gifts to be adequate education-wise. When the wish list turns quite long, (children’s wishes can turn out rather lengthy over the course of “only one” year), the grandparent is often asked for additional involvement.


The perfect scenario for is to be consulted by the parents in order to know exactly about the wishes of the birthday child. Quiet understandably, you often tend to feel like an enterprise working to complete several requests on a regular basis (birthday-wise: at least every year) for gifts you tend to know little about. This rarely has something to do with love passed down generations.


That is why an increasing number of us are naturally developing an independent spirit, creating gift ideas on our own. Not only to surprise the birthday boy or girl but also to show they care about the wishes, needs and changes within the child’s interests.


Flexible ideas for caring grandparents

This idea of independence always suits many of us. In saying that though, the natural fear of not complying with the child’s wishes is often present and leads to the point explained early on: Considering the “entrepreneurial” wish list.

There are always ideas out there which are simple as they are effective.

For almost every interest or hobby, there is a poster illustrating the image of that certain passion. A large selection of posters can be found on posterlounge.co.uk, in order to fit perfectly into the birthday child’s favorite artist, team, athlete, film or actor.

Connecting your gift with an interest, it is an effective way to satisfy young and older grandchildren, as posters are always popular as gifts for grandchildren looking to individualise their own spaces and display their interests.