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Board Games make excellent gifts for young children, teens and adults too. They make a unique gift for an entire family. Take a look at three brand new games which promise to provide hours of family fun.


The Hunger Games: Training Days Strategy Game

This game, fashioned from the Hunger Games trilogy can be played by two to six players. Produced by Wizkids, this game involves both strategy and chance. Each player becomes a tribute trying to win points in a series of challenges. While recommended for ages fourteen and up, many reviews mentioned nine and ten year olds enjoying it as well.


Awkward Family Photos

Produced by All Things Equal, Inc. this hilarious game is based on a popular website. It comes with a twenty-sided die and a double-sided game board. Players thirteen and up will enjoy this game the most. Creative questions are asked about awkward photos and players earn points for the best answer to questions asked. Players win when they place three markers in a row or place all five of their markers on the board.


Pressman Office DVD Game

You’ll join the cast of the hit show, The Office, in this game. Watch clips of favorite scenes from the show and earn Schrute bucks as you move along Dwight’s gameboard. Seven kinds of trivia questions add variety to the game. Choose one of sixteen characters from the show to be your game piece. Lots of fun.