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Can you believe 2013 is more than half
way over!

Everyone seems to be saying this summer is “like the ones we used to have when we were young” –  which hopefully means the weather is as you remember it and those wet, winter days are just a blur in your memory.  Summer should mean cool mornings, beautiful sunshine, balmy evenings, showers to freshen the flowers and lovely long days, so it can be enjoyed to the full!  The sun is such a spirit-lifter – everyone seems happier, smilier, more relaxed and raring to be outdoors – whatever their age!!!  This is also a great time to look at the health benefits of  summer,  not only a chance to re-start those outdoor pursuits but it’s a great time for eating healthy – crisp crunchy salads, fabulously fresh fruit, home-made lemonade, BBQ’s and picnics – perfect for summer days to be enjoyed and savoured!

Of course, in the current ever-expanding economic climate, we are all aware belts have to be tightened but that’s another plus point to summer – think about what’s out there, that doesn’t cost a lot of money – there is so much just waiting to be discovered that is free, or can be done on a tight budget.

For some summer sale ideas ( up to 50% off on some items) for cheaper outdoor games and toys, take a look at  the  Letterbox website, an Ask Granny favourite. Do you shop at letterbox?