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There may be no more exciting experience in life than becoming a first-time grandparent. The months of waiting for that new little bundle and then seeing him or her for the first time ranks up there with graduations and weddings. It’s really important.

When that momentous day arrives, we like to send gifts to both parents and baby, but why not gift the newly-minted grandparents? The following five gift ideas are all a form of journal to chronicle the life of baby, but also to share the grandparents’ life experiences and to pass them down to children and grandchildren. 

These journals vary in size and organization, but all six of them offer the opportunity for grandparents to write down in black and white, important personal and family milestones, memories and events to save for the younger generations. 

Many of our childhood memories will be lost forever if not documented. Our grandchildren won’t be able to imagine what life was like for our grandparents, parents and even our own lives before today’s technological world became the norm.

Take a look. Any one of these journals will make a fabulous gift for the first-time grandparent.

This journal by Katie Sweeney is organized by themes and ideas rather than being sequential. Questions and prompts will enable Grandma to write out her most poignant memories. Grandma’s stories will encompass her life experiences and lessons and capture them for family members. This journal will grow into a lifetime of memories, wisdom and humor. It will be treasured by family for generations to come.

This beautiful cloth-bound journal by Peter Pauper Press is stamped in silver foil and is enhanced by a ribbon bookmark. Grandmas will write the stories of their lives in this beautiful book knowing it will be a treasured family possession. Questions and prompts make the process a breeze. Memories for My Grandchild comes in a hardcover version as well. 

Published by New Grandparents Gift Press, this is a special journal for a Grandma and a Granddaughter. It measures 6’ by 9’ and is 120 pages long. The purpose of this journal is to build a strong relationship across the generations. Grandma will write her thoughts and feelings as she interacts with her new granddaughter from her first weeks to her grown-up years.

This pretty journal is meant to capture and preserve precious memories from Grandma’s own childhood and on into times spent with her grandchild. It’s another unique way to preserve family history while building the heart bond of grandparent to grandchild. This journal also comes in Grandfather form.

This album designed by Lark Books is meant to preserve special memories of the new grandchild from birth to age five or six. You’ll chronicle baby’s first bath, first sleepover, special holidays and family events. This will be your gift to your grandchild, lovingly written over a period of time. The book also has space at the back for notes, cards and mementos.

This Journal by Lea Redmond is unique in that it provides twelve letters to write, seal, and postdate for future opening. It’s a time capsule in written form. Grandma or Grandpa selects the occasion for writing each letter and shares observations, memories, and important information for his or her grandchild to appreciate at a later date.  

Any one of the above journals will make a wonderful gift for the new grandparent in your life. And the recipient doesn’t have to be a skilled writer to do the job. The journals are set up for success. Check them out, make your selection and give the gift of memories to someone you love.