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     Here is Ask Granny’s list of the latest  indoor and outdoor games and activities for kids and grandkids!

Just Dance 2015

The kids will love this new Wii game with its updated music. They’ll burn more calories in one hour than we seniors do in a week. And, who knows, maybe you’ll want to jump in and groove to the tunes too.

The Spikeball Combo Set

This fun outdoor game is a combination of old-fashioned 4-square and volleyball. It has a 35” frame with an elastic net and comes with three balls and a carry sack. It can be played with singles or doubles. Great fun.

Spot It

This amazing little game has won fifteen awards. It’s a visual perception game that comes in various themes such as sports, animals, travel, etc. All ages can play.


This game boasts it is the best family board game on the market. It’s a game of simultaneous charades and comes with 500 game cards. Opponents will act out nouns, verbs or phrases in this highly competitive game for four or more players.