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Those anniversary dates come around with great regularity. Do you struggle with innovative ideas for gifts or remembrances? When friends and family members are ready to celebrate one more year of marriage, how can we show our appreciation for them and make their day special?

Much of the time a simple card is sufficient to show we remember the day. It feels good to be remembered. But you may want to do a little more. Here are a few ideas for ways to show caring on wedding anniversaries.

  • Yard and Garden

The trend toward growing vegetable or herb gardens, even in urban settings, makes a yard or garden gift something special. And there are hundreds of gift ideas in this category. You can gift a set of garden tools or give a gift certificate to a local nursery. Or find a beautiful garden ornament or water feature to gift. You might even purchase flower bulbs or a set of flower and vegetable seeds or seedlings to set into the ground at the appropriate time. 

Or if your gift recipient trends more toward the fire pit and the grill, there are many options there as well. Grill accessories, s’more kits complete with skewers, grilling recipe books, colorful cushions for deck chairs, and more.

  • Good Reads

You probably know the reading interests of your closest friends and family members. 

Look at the lists of the latest bestsellers and find just the right read for the occasion. 

Fiction or non-fiction, a good book makes a wonderful gift. 

And don’t forget subscriptions to favorite magazines or other news outlets. A 

subscription to a favorite financial news, or a particular weekly newspaper or online 

service is a valuable gift.

  • Box Subscriptions

These days we can purchase monthly or even weekly gift boxes of virtually any product. We can order pre-arranged meals, fruit and vegetable deliveries, coffee or tea products, snack boxes, books of the month, pet supplies, and the list is virtually endless. Capitalize on your loved ones’ interests and hobbies and you won’t go wrong.

  • Support Their Hobbies

Does your anniversary couple camp or fish? Do they love to hike in the woods? Or 

Are they wine connoisseurs or cheese aficionados? Well, there you are. Maybe the 

wife loves to knit, and the husband loves a round of golf. Choose your gifts with their 

hobbies in mind.

  • Homemade Gifts

If you really want to go the extra mile and it’s a landmark anniversary, you may want to create a homemade gift. Hand-drawn family trees with names and even pictures make a heartfelt gift. 

Any handcrafted blanket, painting or drawing, or other craft item shows great love and care in the hours spent making the item. 

Woodworking projects make wonderful gifts—a raised flower bed, an Adirondack chair, a special coffee table or the like.

Children’s offerings are very welcome gifts to older family members. They not only show the love and care of the giver, but they mark a certain time in that child’s life.

  • The Traditional

The thing that warms our hearts when we celebrate our anniversaries is that the people who matter the most remember us. So, a simple card with a note of congratulation or a lovely delivery of flowers will always be welcome. Go ahead and call the florist.