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Jigsaw puzzles make wonderful gifts for all ages. From the four-year-old grandchild doing a puzzle with ten pieces to adults and grandparents tackling the two thousand piece variety, there is a lot of good, old-fashioned fun in putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

Studies have shown that the skills required to finish a puzzle are good for the brain. They develop and maintain such skills as spatial reasoning and and visual memory. Puzzles can be done all alone or with friends. And, puzzles are relatively inexpensive. Why not take a look at several large puzzle distributors and check a few names off of your Christmas gift list?

Puzzle Warehouse: carries all the large puzzle brands such as Springbok and Ravensburger. They carry a line of puzzles for classroom teachers and also a line for Alzheimer’s patients with oversize pieces and nostalgic images designed to spark conversation and memories.

Hobby Warehouse: offers puzzles in broad categories such as animals, planes and trains, map puzzles, city scenes and many more. They also sort puzzles by the number of pieces. They offer many puzzles with images of art masterpieces.

Serious Puzzles: categorizes their puzzles in a number of ways including type such as magnetic, double-sided, floor, educational and more. They also offer puzzles based on themes such as beach, animal planet, circus, cars and trucks, architecture and many others. They offer a wide selection of puzzle brands.