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Are you searching for gift ideas for kids or toy for a boy age 8-11?  Boys from age eight to eleven are full of energy. They can go full-steam from morning to night and they love gifts that keep them moving. In the outside toy department Ask Granny suggests you might consider buying a Huffy Green Machine 20X for your boy. It’s cool to look at and goes like crazy on hard surfaces. Or how about action figures? These never go out of style for young boys. There are the Power Rangers, always popular, and the DC Universe Action Figures, also cool. In the electronic department take a look at Spongebob Squarepants Motion TV Game. It’s a good value at a fairly low price. And don’t forget that eight to elevens love to pretend. How about getting him a Spy Gear Ultimate Night Vision set? And finally for the one with performing flair, try a Magic Draw 100 Trick Suitcase. Be prepared to be amazed. All of these toys and hundreds more are available  at your local toyshop or for US shoppers, online at  Walmart.