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One of my favourite pastimes in January is buying all of the goodies I couldn’t afford to buy before Christmas.

Here are a few of the best ones!

1) I sleep much better with these soft pillow cases, a luxury item, but affordable.

Silk Pillow Cases

2) After a spell of entertaining over the festive period, I find myself short of wine glasses, so now my table decorations  will look fresh with a fashionable look since I’ve have ordered some new ones. Set of six coloured wine glasses

Wine Glasses

3) A good book to read is a must for these long dark and cold evenings so I recommend Barbra Streisand ‘s Autobiography. Just under 1000 pages but  My Name Is Barbra will keep you transfixed  and winter will fly by faster!


4) I guess like everyone else, trips to the chemists ( pharmacies) are pretty frequent during the ‘flu season, so do as I have done and stock up on face masks to be used when travelling or shopping.

Face Masks

5) The occasional treat is a must, chocolate is my weakness, what’s yours? Here is what I look forward to. Ferrero chocs are my favourites, they make great gifts too!


Enjoy January and watch out for all Ask Granny’s February tips!