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Young children love their toys. They respond to the bright colours, the sounds and the various ways they can touch and manipulate them. Whether it’s a plush pig or a building block, quality toys invite children to interact with them. They may tell a story about the pig or sing him a song. They may build a castle or create a fantasy world with the blocks.

Quality toys are sturdy and safe. They’re colourful and invite the child to engage with them. They stimulate the five senses and using them will build eye-hand coordination skills. Sometimes the simplest toys are better than those with many bells and whistles because they leave room for each child’s individual creativity.

Here are some of the best new toys for toddlers in 2022:

This tough-built barbecue unit has a working oven door, pegs to hang utensils on,  

clicking knobs to enhance real-life cooking, molded-in sink and cooktop, plus dual

Level grills, just like Daddy’s.

Kids will happily cook a barbecue dinner for the family while Dad does his best with 

the adult-sized grill.

Research shows that young children benefit greatly from exposure to and engagement 

with music. There are benefits in brain development and the ability to learn new

information such as math and science skills. This twenty-two-piece wooden

percussion set of instruments will offer lots of opportunities to move and groove to

favourite songs. The set consists of a xylophone, harmonica, triangle with striker,

tambourine, jingle stick, shaker egg and more. The instruments come with a strong 

bag for storage.

The number of rhythm instruments available in the kit will allow for the whole family

to enter into the musical fun. And you can introduce a variety of musical styles and 

genres to broaden your child’s exposure to good music.

Toylogy’s forty-eight piece set of magnetic blocks is a STEM (Science, Technology

Engineering and Math) education winner for toddlers. The blocks come in seven

colours and with an idea booklet for beginning structures. Building with blocks helps 

develop three-dimensional thinking and spatial exploration. It also develops tactile 

motor skills. 

Young children will play with these magnetic blocks for hours and will never create

the same design twice.

Leapfrog Learning has a wonderful reputation in the creation of hands-on learning to

read toys. This 100 Words toy sorts important first words into categories: pets, 

animals, food, mealtime, colours, opposites and several others. 

Children can touch the words and hear them read. Then, in addition some fun facts 

related to the word are shared. Children learn to anticipate the words, songs and

related information. The toy is available in both Spanish and English. This toy is 

best for children eighteen months and older.

My First Learning Tablet is an exciting toy for babies. They press the keys to hear

letter and number names, see flashing lights that draw them in, and get lots of 

practice in number and letter recognition. They will learn their alphabet, learn to

name animals, learn to count and much more with this mini tablet.

We grandparents love to give gifts to our grandchildren. And the choices are endless. Sadly, many toys marketed to young children are made cheaply and are not only unsafe, but they offer little in the way of educational value. The above toys and others like them ensure that children have a ton of fun while learning valuable educational information at the same time.


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