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Need some fresh ideas for anniversary gifts for the grandparents in your life? Let’s brainstorm together. Older couples have had many years together. They love reminders of the milestones in their love relationship: their children, their grandchildren, their travel history, their favorite things.

Keep in mind that practical gifts may be perfect for some and sentimental gifts better for others. You know your folks best and will understand what will be just the “right thing” when you see it. Here are some options:


Subscriptions used to mean magazines, and that may be just the thing. Does your couple enjoy travel, sports, cooking or gardening, hobbies? Maybe a subscription to a magazine in that genre is the perfect gift.

But today, subscriptions are also available for a huge variety of items. Choose from food/snack subscriptions, coffee, candies, or gourmet dining items. Send plants or flowers or fruit. There are also boxed one-time gifts that offer all of the above plus items such as candles, lotions, lip balms, and other personalized gifts such as bracelets or essential oils. 

There are gift boxes in all sizes, shapes, and prices, and how lovely for the anniversary couple to be surprised by one of them.

Personalized Gifts

Show your thoughtfulness and care for the anniversary couple by selecting a gift and making it personal by engraving or inscriptions. You might choose a plaque engraved with the couple’s names and their wedding date. Or order a mirror or guest platter with the couple’s initials and anniversary date. 

Create a Christmas ornament with their names and the date on it, or create pieces of jewellery with the grandchildren’s names on them. There are old standards such as coffee mugs, photo boxes and albums with photos of family members. Any gift that honors the years spent together and all the most important people in the family will touch hearts.

Hearth and Home

Sometimes older couples are happy to receive gifts that will grace their homes for a long time to come. You might purchase bird feeders and seeds for bird lovers or wind chimes to enjoy on the patio. You might create pillows with family photos on them, or take the time to do a personalized craft such as a blanket or throw that will stay on the sofa for the foreseeable future.

Everyone enjoys television shows and favorite tunes. Why not purchase a favorite television series box set or gift an iPod with the honored couple’s favorite playlist on it? Some seniors enjoy items such as puzzles, crossword puzzles or adult coloring books to while away the evenings. 

Gift certificates are also wonderful items to be used in the future: things like housecleaning or landscaping certificates, spa certificates or restaurant gift cards.

Practical gifts such as warm woolen socks or memory foam slippers, warm blankets, gift packs of teas or hot chocolate, all such items make the home cozier and more enjoyable.

Be creative. Surprise the anniversary couple with unique gifts like a Roomba to help keep their home visitor-ready or a DNA testing kit to explore their heritage.

From the Heart

Many senior couples feel as if they have all the worldly goods they need and are eager for the chance to give to others. You can honor their wishes by giving gifts in their name. Choose a charity that means something to the couple such as a gift to cancer research or the Wounded Warrior project. Or give to maintain wildlife or local animal shelters. They may have an interest in overseas projects for a certain country or to support the care and feeding of the poor around the world. Receiving a gift meant to improve the life of others can be a deeply satisfying experience. Anniversaries celebrated in later life are times of great joy. The road taken has had many twists and turns and it’s a wonderful time for family and friends to shower the couple with love.