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Ask Granny receives many emails  from companies hoping to get mentioned in her monthly newsletter.

Out of over 100 enquiries, I have chosen 4 websites:

Two dedicated to the latest gift ideas, and two sharing essential info for grandparents and seniors who are making travel plans.

A video tribute to a grandparent or loved one is a great and original way to send a special message, to a special person, for a special occasion, better than a card or a phone call and certainly more fun and caring.

Easy to make and will last for ever.  A good idea for anniversaries and.. Christmas is coming!

The GrandPad is the ideal device to connect with your loved ones who are elderly, useful for seniors and all grandparents who have hearing & eyesight issues. A simple interface & easy-connectivity makes it the perfect present for families looking to stay connected near and far. Not cheap, but  would make a wonderful gift for Christmas or birthday.

Tech Silver, a UK company offers many useful gifts for seniors, the elderly and the disabled.

Products such as landline phones extra loud and with big buttons, plus nuisance call blockers ( I want one of those!)

Dementia tracker key rings and watches and a host of other very useful gifts.

They also sell the Grandpad. Some of their items can be rented too.

Next day delivery for many of their products.

silver travel adviser

Whether you are looking for an ocean or river cruise, an escorted tour, or walking holiday, beach escape or city break, this unique and useful  travel company presents tempting ideas for your next holiday. Full of good advice for  seniors, singles or grandparents planning a vacation.

You can browse their online guides for ideas and inspiration.

Lots more new and interesting websites for seniors coming soon!