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One of the best ways to spend quality family time is to play an excellent board game together.

Each year new games are created and here are some of the best of 2023.

Games for 4-7 year-olds

animal upon animal

This game is great for the youngest players, but adults love it, too. The goal is to build a tall pyramid  and use up all the animals. Two to four players take turns rolling a die and then placing one or two animals on the structure. Or, they may pass an animal to another player or extend the base of the pyramid. But watch out! If any animal falls while building, you get two animals back. First player to use all their animals wins. This game is great for dexterity and comes with twenty-nine animal pieces and one die.

Guess Who Game

Guess Who is a game for two players. Each game comes with two game boards,  forty-eight face cards, twenty-four mystery cards and two scorekeepers. On a turn each player asks a question that has a yes or no answer. “Does your character wear glasses?” The goal is to narrow down the choices until ready to make a guess. But if you’re wrong, your opponent wins. First to win five games is the champion.

Spot It Game

This game is for players six and up. To begin, place two cards face up and practice finding the common symbol between the two cards. The symbols are pictures of common and well-known objects. This is the basis of the game: spotting the common symbol between two cards and saying it aloud first. If the players tie, then the one who discards first wins. There are several ways to play and score the game, but the goal is to collect the most cards from the draw pile.


Zingo is Bingo with a twist. The game is for two to six players aged four and up. There are two levels of play: pre-readers and early readers. Players match pictures and words racing to fill their card and call out “Zingo!” Great for practicing early sight words.

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Sit And Spin