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What better way to spend quality family time than to play an excellent board game together.

Each year new games are created and here are some of the best games for teens for 2023. 

Games for Teens 13-18

Cascadia Game

You are on a journey to the American Pacific Northwest where you’re tasked with creating the most harmonious ecosystem in Cascadia. This game is for one to four players. Points are earned by fulfilling wildlife goals plus creating the largest habitat corridors. Each game takes from thirty to forty-five minutes.

Azul Game

Reminiscent of Moorish decorative tiles, your task in Azul is to decorate your palace with the most beautiful pattern designs. Points are scored when you’re able to create proscribed patterns while owning the fewest wasted supplies.

The Chameleon GameIn this game of blending in everyone is seeking to determine the guilty party. At the beginning of the game every player is a suspect. You’ll use a secret word to determine who is the chameleon. For three to eight players aged fourteen and up. Each round takes about fifteen minutes.


You will choose twenty-five cards and form a 5 X 5 grid. Two teams with one spymaster each endeavor to make contact with all twenty-five of their agents before the opposing team. Teammates only know the code names of their agents but not their identities. Who can reach all twenty-five agents before the opponent?

Board games are not only fun, but also provide children with great learning skills such as predicting, making connections, and understanding strategies while also building social skills such as taking turns, learning to win and lose gracefully and cooperation in reaching a goal. Plus, they’re a lot of fun. Choose a great game and let the fun begin!