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If you’re shopping for a very special gift for your grandchild this Christmas, you may want to check out higher end plush toys.

Huggable and designed with care, both in safety issues and in style, you’ll find that perfect “friend” for your little one.


Steiff Teddy

Steiff Teddy

Known the world over for their classic teddy bears, Steiff has a huge variety of plush toys from a darling St. Bernard puppy to Cheesy the Mouse. Check out their new arrivals and you may want to look into joining the Steiff Club for information on Steiff around the world and for discounted prices.


Cream Bunny

This company has a delicious array of plush toys created by Danish designer Dorthe Mailil. Selections include lots of bunnies and mice as well as teddy bears. They also offer clothing for the animals and dollhouses with accessories. You’ll love the style and charm of these plush toys.


6 Stuffed Animals


Gund stuffed animals have long been the favorites of parents and grandparents. They offer a large array of baby plush toys as well as specialized lines such as Sesame Street characters and Pusheens. You’ll definitely find a plush animal too cute to pass up here.

Melissa and Doug

Giant Sea Turtle


Melissa and Doug have a line of educational toys including many plush animals. They offer everything from a giant lion to farm friend hand puppets. Some unique animals include a stately emperor penguin and a cuddly sloth.

Douglas Thatcher Plush Toys

Floppy Bunny

Douglas Thatcher specializes in puppies and wildlife plush toys. What is your grandchild’s favorite animal? Douglas Thatcher will most likely have it. Pandas, whales, giraffes and buffalo. And the quality is wonderful.

Do you remember when your own children were young? They probably had a favorite stuffed toy that traveled with them everywhere and was worn bare with love. Why not find that perfect soft toy for your grandchild this Holiday season?