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Just a few years ago there was a scone-fest in the U.S. Everywhere you went there were scones on the menu, scone articles and recipes in every woman’s magazine and little scone kits graced the shelves of fancy boutiques. But all that is old hat now because for the past while it is all about cupcakes! Check it out for yourself by looking on the covers of magazines, dessert menus in restaurants and best of all…. your local bakeries! Cupcakes are the dessert of choice in even elegant adult dining destinations.

They’re Still for Kids

Don’t worry, cupcakes are still for kids and you can bake them yourself, saving a ton of money. They are still just the right size for kids to eat and tend to make less mess than cut slices. They can be the stripped-down versions of cake with a simple icing or you can get all creative and make them in just about any style you want. They’re great for birthday celebrations, holidays, summer picnics and barbecues and they travel well if you need to get them across town.

They’re for Adults Too


This is where the fun comes in– cupcakes have gone fancy. Now they’re not just for little ones who want a  plastic superhero planted on the tops. Instead they come in hundreds of flavors and in just as many designs. They can be real works of art when made with fondant frosting and decorated with edible transfers in every shape and color imaginable. Dessert stands allow creative cooks to present their works of art in 3-D style and they can come in all sizes from bite-sized to giant. Are you going to the beach? Why not whip up a batch of cupcakes decorated with tiny beach sandals?

Oh, Those Cupcake Bakeries!


You may be one of those people who would rather buy dessert than spend hours making it. Good for you, because there are hundreds of cupcake bakeries everywhere these days. Baking professionals have gone overboard to create adult cupcake selections suitable for the fanciest occasion. Butter Lane Cupcakes in New York City is famous for their cupcakes for grown-ups. They use the purest of ingredients and take exquisite care in creating their cakes. They host tasting parties, offer classes in making their recipes and cater for weddings and parties of all kinds. They gift box their creations to give as gifts.

Look online or in your phone directory to find a cupcake bakery near you. Here is a sample of top name cupcake bakeries to get you started:  Berkeley, California:  Love at First Bite sporting a green tea cupcake, The Cupcake Factory in Atlanta, Georgia where you can find the orange ganache or the chocolate, bacon, peanut butter variety. Lola’s in London for carrot or cookies and cream delicacies or The Primrose Bakery in London for raspberry and white chocolate or coffee-walnut cakes.

Get Creative


Wouldn’t it be fun to gather a group of friends, either young or old and have a cupcake-baking party? Or visit your nearby bakery and host a cupcake-eating fest. The above websites will do a great deal to fill your head with ideas for flavors and designs. Everyone will enjoy either the creative process of making the cakes or the ambiance of tasting the bakery-designed treats. Now you know—it’s all about cupcakes!